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University of Oxford

2023 - Current

Areas of writing developed in this highly selective course include life writing, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, prose fiction, and critical analysis. This course is largely remote and part-time, while being taught by some of the leading experts in their respective crafts.

Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

Victoria University

of Wellington

Bachelor of Arts: Psychology, History

2014 - 2017

A few of the areas covered in my psychology major include cognitive, behavioural, abnormal, cross-cultural, developmental, community, comparative, and organisational. The minor in history involved the analysis and structuring of various arguments for different time periods in history.

Victoria University of Wellington

Bachelor of Science: Ecology & Biodiversity

2014 - 2017

Under the school of Biological Sciences, this course followed the same pathway as a Biology major until the final year where Ecology and Biodiversity became the specialty. This included research with the NZ Robin establishing their caching habits for food storage in the wild.

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